Sunday, February 19, 2012

Animation Mentor Class 1!

So I just started Class 1 at Animation Mentor and I am loving every minute of it!! I also am taking Mark's gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild, and I will post pictures from that soon! Hope everyone is having a great February!!


  1. Love it :) Keep up the amazing work. Really diggin the monkey one!

  2. Love seeing these, Ben! I always look forward to seeing more, and I can hardly wait for the day you start posting other work from your classes at Animation Mentor :)
    I also really like the monkey animation. If you're open for critique, the only thing I immediately reacted to was that he decides to leap pretty quickly... Maybe a second or two more of him looking at the platform and checking out the distance it is from him to see if he can reach it? The action happens so quickly that there isn't much time for thought on his part, like it was a compulsive action, BUT... maybe that's the intention, because he's SO into the banana...? :) anyway, just my thought!! Still loving it all! more more moreee

  3. Awesome work. Keep up the mixed media. It can help you in so many ways.